Version: 1.56.40

On this page we will go into more detail about the services that provides to league admins, which will give you more information on what each feature does, and what you can come to expect from the service. All newly created leagues will be given 1 week of free service.

Service Plans

All Plans give you access to all available features, we also do daily server backup's so data is safe.

Monthly Plans

Basic Monthly

$2.19 / Month

Regular Price $2.19 / Month
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 2

Advanced Monthly

$3.39 / Month

Regular Price $3.39 / Month
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 5

Pro Monthly

$4.99 / Month

Regular Price $4.99 / Month
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 10

Yearly Plans

Basic Yearly

$21.99 / Year

Regular Price $21.99 / Year
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 2

Advanced Yearly

$33.99 / Year

Regular Price $33.99 / Year
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 5

Pro Yearly

$49.99 / Year

Regular Price $49.99 / Year
You Save $0.00



Series and Season Limit: 10

Other Optional Services - Contact Us for more information
League Website Design/graphics and css $200
Implementing An Existing Design - We do the css and xhtml, you provide the graphics $100

Personnel League Website

This means your league will be available in our system from its own unique url. For Example -> League name the name is unique so your page will only display information on your series, and news so on that is apart of that league.

You will also be able to create a subdomain alias for your league to help you provide a friendly URL to advertise with for example You can also optionally point a full blown domain name to our system using our nameservers.

Our Server

Our Server is a high powered VPS Solution. We have an ample amount of resources dedicated to the running of league websites, we have an impressive track record for not only high performance, but also reliability of the league sites. You will never have to worry about bandwidth or disk usage on the service. We do provide hosting packages however if you would like more control over your hosting enviroment and additional software that you may want to use. Such as Wordpress or other content management solutions. You can check out our hosting section for more information if this interests you.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our service is run through Cloudflare's CDN, Performance, and Security Service. We consider this an extra layer of armor in the ever increasing danger of the internet. This also means content is delivered to you and users of ileaguerace from various servers across the world. It's logical nature will pick a server that is closest to you so you spend less time downloading files, and have a much more pleasing browsing experience. This is more so for users outside North America. CDN's are becoming the norm in the web industry today, not only for purposes of delivering content to other countries, but also load balancing of server resources. Which means each user will have less of an impact on the continued performance of a website.

On top of this with our support for multiple domains. allowing you to point your domain to your league you can also take advantage of the cloudflare network on your custom domain as well!

Active Series and Season Limit

The Active Series and Season limit is designed to limit how many series and seasons you can have running at a time.

You can archive series or seasons at anytime, However you will not be able to un-archive them afterward. The idea here is to provide a service that isn't too expensive for a very small league that doesn't need the full resourses of our system. If that league grows they can always upgrade to a higher level package later on. Or purchase Add-On series/seasons. The idea is the allow our system to be scalable so your not paying for something your not going to use.

Blog/News System

Each League comes with a Blog/News System, where you will be able to post information about your league or information about upcoming events whatever you would normally do on news section for a league. Normal users will be able to comment on your articles, as well as share those artcles on popular websites which could help improve you're leagues presense. As an admin you will be able to Edit or Delete your own blog messages as well, or hide them from view.

Built In Google Analytics Dashboard

The Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to see the hits and page views your league is generating and some other useful information. This is a completely automatic system there is nothing that you have to do on your end for this to work. We do all the the configuration required for your league pages to start tracking views.

Photo Gallery System

Just like most photo galleries. This system allows you to create categories for groups of images, and upload large quality images. It will dynamically create various thumbnails as well of your uploaded images for optimal viewing performance. You can also attach a photo gallery to a blog post, which will display the entire category of photos that you select.

Page System

The Page system is just that, it allows you to create custom pages on your league, that you can use in conjunction with the Menu System, there is no limit to how many pages you can have as long as you can fit them on the menu, using the menu system.

Menu System

The Menu system is designed to allow you add addition menu items to your existing main menu or to choose to place them on the new top menu bar, you will also have the ability to create sub-menu items. This is done by using a Parent to Child system, The Parent is always ID 0, the menu item will have an id assigned to it once you create it. By creating another new menu item you can use the ID assigned to the first item you created to place the second item as a child of the first item. Thus creating a sub (rollover) menu item.

Series, Seasons, Events and Championships

Our system has a deep Parent to Child System, The League itself is the top Level, Than you have Series, where you will be able to add edit or delete and archive series. A Series can be for example the Cup Car Series.

Now you can create a new season say for example 2010 Season 1. Seasons will have various options like how many cars you will allow to register for that season, weither or not you want to charge an entry fee to enter the season. As well as the ability to just turn signups off until you are ready to open them.  You will also be able to set the time-zone the season will run at. Many other options exist for a season, but these are the basic ones that make up a season. Spanning from Team based seasons to multi class based season, their is many options available here to run any kind of championship season you can think of. Finally we have events, Events make up the structure of the season, what tracks the series and season will run on. The time they will be run as well.

Series, Seasons and Events make up a Championship which will be auto calculated based on the points system you have, along with various other statistics. You can upload an iracing .CSV file directly in your admin choose which series/season and event it is for and thats all you have to do.

Custom Points System

As mentioned in the previous section you will be able to decide what points each position will pay out, including bonus points, This feature is Season specific so every new season can have a completely different points system, but at the same time you re-use points systems on different seasons. You'll have the option to choose the points system to use when you make a new season.

Qualifying Points System

The qualifying points system allows you to set a points system for qualifying positions. This system works on a season by season basis, just like a normal points system, except for qualifying instead.

Points Multiplier Feature

This feature is designed to allow you to set two additional multipliers for points with up to two decimal places. (ie 1.25) The Multipliers are applied based on race distances, which you decide when they get applied. So the two available multipliers are for Medium and Long, this can be useful for endurance type racing events. When you add a new race event you will be able to set the race to a Normal,Medium or Long race distance, depending on which option you select will depend on the multiplier used. Normal will always be 1.00 (your default points system) The multiplier will use your default points system and multiply by the value you set as the multiplier.

Penalty Incident Feature

This feature works in a couple different ways. Points Incident System allows you to set a bonus for 0 incident drivers, and a per incident penalty for drivers with incidents. They're is also the Incident Threshold option. Which allows you to set a threshold before penalty points are given and how many are given. The threshold works a per amount of incident points which will equal to a per amount of penalty points. So for example if you set the options to 5 incidents and 5 penalty points. For every 5 incidents a driver gets they will get 5 penalty points. If they get 4 incidents they get 0 penalty points. If they get 10 they get 10, if 9 they get 5. So on.

Drop Race System

The Drop Race System allows you to decide how many races will count torward a championship. This works on a season by season basis. All you have to do is set the amount of races you wish to count torward the championship. When you upload a new result file the drop points total for each driver will be re-calculated. So for example if you have 20 races in a season, but you only want 15 of those 20 to count. You would set the count races option to 15.

You also have the ability to turn the Drop Mode to On Or Off. This will display a new column on the championship page which will show the points without the drop races, and with the drop races. If this is set to OFF you will get the drop races included in the pts column. If you don't want to use this feature at all you can leave the count races value at 99 or some extremely high number.

Multi Class System

The Multi Class System is designed to allow you to set how many different cars will be allowed to score points in a season. Currently you can set up to 3 car classes, and choose each car. The System will work in conjunction with everything else, so they're is nothing else you have to do.  When you upload a race result CSV file the system will properly import the CSV so that the results page and championship standings list each class in it's own list.

Team System

The Team System, is just that, it gives a league admin the ability to create team based Seasons. Teams themselves are created by normal users, and apply across the entire site. As a league admin you will have the ability to limit how many drivers per car class a team is allowed to have. As well as set the championship mode from combined points which is a team championship only or Both(F1 Style) where you have a drivers championship as well as a team championship.
As a team owner when you register your team to race in a series/season you will get options unlocked that allow you to invite drivers to your team. The list of available drivers will be based on them not being on a team already, and for they're status to be Available or Part Time. Once you send an invitation the driver in question will automatically get an email notifying them of the invite and where to go to accept or decline the invitation.

Team Owners can also boot drivers from they're teams, likewise drivers can leave a team at any time they want. Also as a driver you are not bound to stick to just one team, as they work on a season by season basis so you can join as many as you like in different seasons. (1 per season) The championship points will work based on the teams that are set in place at the time the results of a specfic race is uploaded. So if a driver changes teams mid season they do NOT take the points to the next team.

Driver Registration System

This system from a drivers perspective is quick and easy. If the series/season is free all they have to do is push a button. After they have registered a free account on If the race has an entry fee their will be a link on the specific series for them to use to make the payment via paypal IPN. The great thing about paypal ipn is that as a league admin you won't have to do anything. Paypal will send back confirmation the payment was made by sending data to our system and automatically activate that driver! However you will have control over who signs up in your admin section and can deactivate drivers or active them if you turn off auto activation

Email Drivers System

The email drivers system is designed so league admins can send emails with server information like the password and other information about a speicfic Series or Event. The system works in a way so users emails are protected so the admin will never get your email address, The system handles all the emails that are registered for that series. The admin only decides what to put in the contents of the email.

Archiving System

The Archiving system is pretty straight forward. Because of our unique system, it will become necessary to archive series and or seasons. If you archive a series it will automatically archive all seasons that are a part of that series, Archiving a Season will only archive that one season. These Series and Seasons, as well as all the race results that are a part of them and the championship standings will all be viewable from the archives page on your league website.

League Donate System

The league donate system will allow leagues to accept donations from people running in their league. We do not get anything from this. It is completely designed to allow racers to support the leagues they race in.

League Sponsorship System

The Sponsorship system allows you as a league admin to add banners to the java script carousel on the top of your page. These banners cannot be anything hateful, pornographic or illegal. Or they will be removed. The idea behind this feature is to allow leagues to support they're sponsorships they may have with companies.

Customizeable Web-Template

Yes thats correct, As a league admin you will be able to change colors, and images on your default league page. Eventually we will also support custom themes which will be coming in the near future.

If you're a control freak like me. Than you may consider purchasing a hosting account on ileaguerace servers. Using your own domain name. This will allow you access to the .css (Cascading Style Sheet) which will give you even more control over the look of your league page. Keep in mind this will disable the color editors ability to change colors. So anything you wish to change would have to be done through the .CSS File

Extra Modules

You're league website will have various different Extra modules, This includes the donation system, RSS Feed for Blog/News Posts, The Option of adding a Twitter icon, with your twitter page, as well as the ability to turn the sponsorship display off.

Widget System

The Widget system allows you to create your own content based widgets, that you will be able to load on pages in your league. You can also create Widget groups and order the widgets in whatever order you like. This System works in conjunction with the page system as well as the Global Module System to allow you to load widget groups in various locations on the page.

Global Module System

The Global Module System allows you to edit various modules that come with ileaguerace. Right now it allows you to change the widget groups that load on those pages.

Group System

The group system allows league admins to give access to any user a part of access to they're league controls. You will be able to give a couple different levels of access for a specific feature, for now (read,write and delete) rights. Someone with read access can only view admin data, and someone with write access as well as read can edit or create new data, the delete access gives the user the ability to delete existing data for the specific admin feature that you give them access to. The group system will be a vital part of the forum software that is currently in development. The group system will be expanded to work with the forum software so you can create other types of user groups that will have only access to specific forum sections and boards.

User Profiles

Every user that registered will be able to create a user profile, this section will also display that specfic drivers statistics that they have, from every single league/series/season they have run at, at They will also have the ability to upload car files, 1 per car type, along with a picture of the car. Anybody can download the single car files directly from the users profile page. The uploading of car files also ties into the Download Car Pack system.

Users will also have access to the ileaguerace statistic banner image. Which will display various statistics that they have accumulated. This image can be linked to, so you can show off your stats on other webistes. Common usage would be in a forum signature. These images are automatically re-generated every 24 hours. So simply applying the code is all you have to do!.

Safety Rank

Every driver at will have a Safety Rank Assocated with their account. This ranking will calculate based off your CPI Statistic (Corners Per Incdient) This will give league admins the ability to see how drivers have performed on track in other leagues run at The reason we are using our own system in regards to this is because we beleive there is a big majority of drivers that don't actually use the main iracing system except for hosted racing (league racing sessions) In which case they will never build a safety rating. As well as the fact the Safety rating system at iracing can be easly built running alone in time-trails for example. Our ranking system has no such limitations as it will only calcuate data from actual race results! So you can look at it as more of a Race Safety Rank system. It is also completely Career based meaning bad results will always count. So this will give you a good idea of how safe a driver is on a consistent basis. Each Driver will have a rank for Oval and Road.

Car Pack System

The car pack system works on season/car type basis. As an League admin you'll have the ability to turn the download link for this off until you have enough registered users if you wish. The Car Pack system will check through all signups for the specific season in question and check which users have uploaded a car file for that specific car and than place all those files into a .zip archive.

Iframe Feature

You can apply any of the iframes available on our iframe section here I will continue to add new ones when possible. If you want to embed results or standings and other useful pages in your own personal site without too much work, these are the easist way to do so.

Championship Column Configuration

While we love pulling as many statistics as we can out of the available data, this can lead to problems if your using our iframe system. This gives you control over the Championship table, and the ability to disable columns that you don't really need, to help you fit the iframe onto a specfic designed website. Our default table width is very large and many websites may not be designed to allow an iframe of that size to fit without having an annoying scroll bar. This solution will help you achieve a table without scrollbars. You can however use this system even if you don't plan to use the iframes, as some statistics you may not really care as much about as others and will help readability of your championships.

Restful API- Still in Development

The Restful API is designed to allow you to download our feed files from and apply our code to any PHP website, You can also even create your own custom files using the api. You must have PHP5 to use these files, The advantage of this is we have taken out most of the CSS design elements which will allow you to design these files yourself and even remove some parts of the data if you don't want to use it. Therefore you can move data to any location on your page, and do whatever you like to it. This is a big advantage over using iframes as you can make the xml/php files look completely a part of your website without having to worry about annoying scroll bars or the size of the iframe, as there is no size! These files will output all the data available for the specfic data type and displays them on the page just like normal text would. However with that said this feature is more technical so you will need some skills in web-development to take full advantage of this feature.

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