Version: 1.56.40

Our Mission set out to provide a service that changes the way leagues in the pc based simulation world work. Our mission or you could say goal is to get as many racers and leagues all in one searchable database. We figure this is good for many reasons, as it saves league admin's money on having to pay for websites, sometimes those websites can cost a lot of money, it also allows smaller leagues or people with little web-development expertise to have features they never had before and get much more global exposure than they would have otherwise.

This also has a large effect on the drivers themselves as they will be able to come here to find any series they need to find, and get into a league quickly without having to search through possbily 100's of websites just to find the 1 website that may be running the car they want to race or something that fits in there time-zone and scheduling.  We hope to move past the tradtional way league websites have worked in the past, as we beleive this method is not only good for leagues and drivers but for league sim-racing in general. We are very passionate about our vision.

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