Version: 1.56.40
Q: Do I have to use ileaguerace signups for drivers to show in the results or championship?
A: No you don't have to, However team based championships rely on the signup system so if you plan to run a team based championship then you would have to use it.

Q: Can I run chase style championships?
A: Yes, The New Chase System allows you to run chase type championships even including wildcard slots like in Nascar.

Q:I'm having problems using this site, I get an error message "This action is not allowed" how can I fix this?
A: This problem often happens in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, the reason this happens is you have your cookie settings setup to not allow certian types of session cookies. ileaguerace uses a security system built into our software that protects submission forms from being submitted remotely. Also known as CSRF. To solve this problem you must do the following steps:

1.In Windows Goto: Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Internet Options
2.Click on the Privacy Tab,
3.Than Click Advanced Button
4.If Override Automatic Cookie Handling is Checked, than proceed to step 5. You can however also disable this option and it should work as well.
5.Make sure Always allow session cookies is checked.

However if all the above is fine than please email us. As you may have found a bug somewhere on our system.

Q: What is the differerence between service plans? How does the active series/season limit work?
A: The only difference between the 3 available plans is the limit of Active Series/Seasons, the Active series/seasons means you cannot have more than 2,5 or 10 active championships running at once. When a season or series is finished you can archive that entire series or season, and a slot will be available for a new series or season. This limit is intended to ensure a progressive option for smaller leagues, without limiting what features they can use. We want leagues using all the features we have, and have an affordable option available to them. This also helps to balance the load during heavy site access periods, so that everyone can enjoy a smooth running of the ileaguerace application.

Q:Does iLeagueRace have any real time stats that are from iracing?
A: Short anwser is no, we don't parse any data directly from iRacing. All statistics at iLeague are generated from the CSV Result file that is uploaded after a racing event is completed.

Q: If I stop paying for my subscription to ileague will I lose all my data?
A: No of course not. Your data is always saved in our database, and your free to come back at anytime and renew the league. It will remain in our system.

Q: Why does this cost money why isn't it free?
A: Simply put, we are trying to build a high quality product with high quality leagues, as well as we use expensive servers with high performance and high maintenance requirements, and we update our software on a regular basis giving you as many features as we can possibly think of. All of this costs a lot of time and money to run this system successfully.

Q: What's the difference between your software and other similar software that does statistics for leagues?
A: This is a good question, I would say plenty is different, and all the different options available have pros and cons. I think it will come down to what suits your vision for how you want your league to be managed. What iLeagueRace is doing is trying to help League Admins with all the possible management tools they would need in a centralized location rather than having these tools in multiple locations. This aspect makes it extra useful for a league admin with little web development or master knowledge. We are looking to build a social platform for leagues and league racers. A tough goal to achieve but it is our ultimate long term goal. This will help organization for administration related tasks, and will mean you can focus on more important aspects to managing your league. So in a nutshell ileague is more than just a statistics service. It's a Multi-site Content Management System that is evolving on a daily basis.

Q:How did you build this, and what technology did you use to built it?
A: ileaguerace uses a variety of software including, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. It's built on the highly powerful CodeIgniter framework. Using HMVC standards, although most of ileagurace is in MVC structure, we plan on expansion to create some systems in HMVC in the future. iLeaguerace was created originally as a learning project, to build complex systems and queries, however it has evolved since than, and took many months of coding to get to where it is now.

Q: If I have a problem or find a bug, how quickly can you fix the problem or bug?
A: This depends mostly on how complicated the system is in which the bug may be, but in terms of response time you can normally get a response in under 12 hours, depending on what time of day you send in your bug report or problem. Sometimes you can get a response in minutes! In the case of a bug we normally follow a specific standard and email you each time to let you know the progress of the problem. First we will let you know we are now aware of the bug or problem, and are looking into the problem. Next we will let you know we found what is causing the bug or the problem, and that we are working on a solution to the problerm. Lastly we will email you to let you know the problem has been fixed, and any other information that may be required for you to know to move forward after the resolution of the problem. Sometimes we will skip step 2 as it may be obivous and we can fix it very quickly.

Q: Do you plan on having live timing and scoring?
A: Yes, we have on the development plan to eventually create a whole new free service that will allow anyone to create live timing and scoring page where they can setup a living timing session. This will also be intergrated into the ileaguerace service.

Q: How often do you update ileaguerace?
A: This depends entirely on my schedule and development work load, but you can expect fairly regular updates, normally one every couple of weeks. sometimes this can be as much as 4 or 5 per month. However we do, do some small patches occasionally on a daily basis, if I have some features on agenda that are small these updates will likely be applied but not announced as released until the next version, you will notice some of these updates occur when you see the Build version change. This can also indicate bug fixes.

Q: What about disk space and bandwidth, am I limited on how much resources I can use?
A: The simple answer is never!, your free to use the system and drive as much traffic you want, and upload as many files you want. While we do have a dedicated box with limited resources we don't imagine this being a problem anytime soon as we have ample amount of resources, as well as we will upgrade such system in the event that we do need more resources. So you'll never need to worry about any of that as it's part of our service.

Q: Who runs this website?
A: I do, just kidding, My name is Shawn Purdy right now I do this alone, but that may change in the future, iLeagueRace itself is apart of my development company NewEdge Development and PurdyDesigns which is also run by John Purdy and myself.

Q: What gave you the idea to create this kind of site?
A: Very good question, I wouldn't say it was just one thing in particular, but I always have been a bit of a statistic freak, wanting to know who's the best in a given championship under almost any stat and also where I stack up in the grand scheme of things. I guess you could say I'm very analytical person. Than came a small league a good friend of mine (Frosty St.Clair) wanted to start a league called SimTrophy, where he wanted to be able to upload results very easy and manage event signups for special events. So basically I wrote compared to where ileaguerace is now a very simple system to do that. That gave me the idea to make this service, as a full blown multi-site application so other people can enjoy that kind of control. I knew going in it would be a big project, it was on the development block for around 7 months. In the last year it has grown massively with many new features, and updates.

Q: Can I have my own domain name that goes to my league page?
A: Yes, you can register your own domain name, and point it to our name servers. You will also need to change the domain alias listed in your league admin area to that domain name. After some minor configuration adjustments on my end your domain should work.

Q: Do you offer normal Website hosting as well?
A: Yes, you can checkout both our Plesk 10 and CPanel 11 Hosting Packages at: also be sure to read our TOS (Terms of Service)

Q: How secure is this website, what is your privacy policy?
A: This site is secure, we use a host of security tools on the server itself as well as run the site under SSL/TLS, and passwords are multi layered encrypted. You can also read our privacy policy for additional information.

Q: What kind of backups do you do to insure data safety?
A: We do 4 levels of backups at iLeaguerace and this also applies to our entire server network. First we do local server backups so they are handy in case of a minor data loss situation. Level 2 we backup files off site on another server completely. Level 3 we keep a hard copy of all backup's locally on my own personal computer. and Level 4 we backup to a External Hard Drive that is only turned on during backup processes To ensure the life and integrity of the hard drive. The other kind of backups we do are during updating processes. For example we will do additional database backups sometimes of just a single table, as well as the entire database. So in the event any problems happen during an update to the software that we have an extremely recent backup available on hand.

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