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2017-09-10 20:26:07 - Posted By: Joey Gattina
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Driver's if you're registering for multiple events you can simply send your entry fee directly through PayPal. 
Please make sure to use the "FREINDS & FAMILY" payment option when sending this way and it will only cost you $5 per series. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to a league representative at any time.   


Registrations Now Open for 8th Annual All Pro Snowball Derby

2017-09-10 12:00:00 - Posted By: Joey Gattina
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PLEASE READ! |||| DISCLAIMER: Eligibility for these events are subject to minimum league participation requirements. You must be a CURRENT league member, in good standings with at least one of the participating leagues as of September 9th in order to be considered for approval. Registration does not carry an automatic approval. Members that are approved for participation will receive further instructions on how to complete the registration process, including the payment of a $5.00 entry fee, per event (All Pro Snowball Derby, Snowflake 200, and Snowman 100). After you have been pre-approved and we have received your entry fee(s), then you will be notified, and officially approved to qualify for your respective event(s). You must then race your way into the starting field for your selected events. Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Registration instructions: Under the Quick Signup section to the right, click on the LOGIN button. Then click on the REGISTER link located directly under the login button. Fill out the requested information, including the security code verification (to deter registration robots), then click on the I AGREE button to submit your registration. After admins confirm your eligibility for our All Pro Snowball Derby activities, you will be granted access to sign-up for one, or all of our activities. Under the Quick Signup section again, select the event that you wish to register for using the "Select a Season" drop-down list, then click on the SIGNUP button. Provide all information requested and submit. Please use the link to check for available car numbers before choosing your number. Repeat this signup procedure for each event that you wish to participate in. Acceptance into each activity/event will be pending admin review of your profile. You will receive further instructions on completing the registration process via email.

Coming Soon - Snowflake 200

2017-09-05 22:04:53 - Posted By: Joey Gattina
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Coming Soon - Snowman 100

2017-09-05 22:04:02 - Posted By: Joey Gattina
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2017-09-03 06:36:42 - Posted By: Joey Gattina
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