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Segment 3 Sign-ups

2017-09-07 21:55:59 - Posted By: Francisco Scaramuzza
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With Segment 3 less than a week away, we say goodbye to ileaguerace.com as we are moving RSR over to the LSRTV website. However, if you want to run in Segment 3, you need to sign up at http://www.livesimracing.com/registration.html ASAP. Once the session goes up, We cannot add drivers into the race since we are using the league portal on iRacing. You must sign up in a timely matter before the race so we can secure your entry.

Thank you and as always, please email admin@livesimracing.com, or get in contact with Cisco, Evan, or Kyle, if you have any questions.

=RSR= Moves to LSRTV Teamspeak

2017-08-22 03:24:52 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Effective immediately the RSR Teamspeak server has been taken offline and Full Throttle will use the LSRTV Teamspeak server.


Benefiel at Michigan

2017-08-15 04:23:54 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Adam Benefiel almost cinched his chase entry with a win tonight at Michigan. Championship leader David Washington started in 10th place after a difficult qualifying session, but it did not hold him back and he finished 2nd behind Benefiel. Coming in 3rd place was Daniel E. Eberhardt. Tonight's event had but four cautions. Only 3 races to go before the start of the chase September 18th.

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Comstock Wins at the Glen

2017-08-08 04:32:24 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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David Comstock took the win at Watkins Glen in the 50 lap Real Sim Racing Full Throttle event Monday night. Comstock beat Dylan C. Jones by .359 after Jones scored the fastest lap of the night in the race and started on the pole. Coming in third was Daniel E. Eberhardt 3.1 seconds behind. The opening lap was marred by a multi-car crash going into turn 1, that damaged multiple cars and sent 3 cars to the trailers. Next week is the 100 lap race at Michigan.

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Bermudez Scores Back-to-back Wins

2017-08-01 04:29:35 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Last weeks winner Colson Bermudez took the win for the second week in a row at Real Sim Racing's Full Throttle race at Pocono. Points leader David Washington came in 2nd place just .281 seconds behind Bermudez. Adam Benefiel finished in 3rd. Like last weeks 80-lapper, the race was marred by a huge crash during the closing laps of the race. On lap 72 there was a crash involving 11 cars, and forced at least 4 cars to retire for the night. After going green, there was another multi-car crash which forced the race to finish under yellow. There are just 5 races left before the Chase starts. Next week the series turns left-and-right at Watkins Glen.

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