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The first test version of the chase options are now available. This feature is currently only setup to work in single class championships. After being sure there is no logic problems with the code it will be deployed to support both multi class and teams as well. Feel free to try out the current chase options, and report any issues you may find. I have however tested the system myself. But that doesn't always show every possible situation.

This has been a complicated feature as it plugs into an already complicated routine, and there is a lot of moving parts.

Currently The Available Options are under the New/Edit Season Screens and are as follows:

Added Chase Format Option (yes or No) - Yes Turns the Chase System On
Added 1st Place Points Option for Chase System - The total points 1st place should have when chase is enabled.
Added Points Gap Per Position for Chase System - How many points per position from first place.
Added Number of Chase Drivers for Chase System - How many drivers are in the chase based on the points standings.
Added Win Bonus for Chase System - How many bonus points a driver in the chase gets for each win.
Added Start Chase After X Amount of Races - When to start the chase. (If you want the regular season to be say 26 races. You should enter 26. So when you upload the 26th result, chase options will take effect.
Added Chase wildcard Slots - How many wildcard slots are available - In Nascar this is currently 2.
Added Chase Wildcard Limit - How many drivers are able to qualify for a wildcard. This is the top 20 in points in Nascar for example.

Wildcard slots are given to the drivers with the most wins. However it is smart enough to also compare 2nd's 3rd's 4th's and 5th's as well. This is for tie breakers.

Once I add in multi class and team support for this system there will be options like above specifically  for teams as well.

That's it for now. smile

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