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Server was down, the cause.(RESOLVED)

I'm just posting this to explain why the server was down for several hours. Basically an automatic update caused a syntax error in an apache configuration file. Which caused apache unable to restart. I've obviously have fixed the syntax error, but this is still considered an on going issue as the update is not what caused the syntax error, but a bug that was introduced into software I use on the server. So I am awaiting a patch to this software, and have made sure that the software will not perform it's daily tasks until this problem is resolved. Although I will continue to monitor the server to make sure that nothing causes this problem to repeat itself.

I apologize for the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. This Blog post will be marked as resolved once I am sure that the problem will not repeat itself.

Thanks for your patience.

2012-08-04 18:16:11 - Posted By: Super Admin - Comments (0)

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