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Proper Chase Options Coming

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Sometime between now and 1.56 ileaguerace will have proper options for chase format type championships. Although you can run such championships. It requires some effort on the league admin. We'd like to make this more streamlined and automatic so League Admin'so only have to set a few options and be on their way. Currently I have a database structure designed for this system and I'm in the process of thinking through the intergration of this system. As it plugs directly into probably the most complicated aspect of the results/championship system.

I'm also making a lot of interface updates that will be rolled out in phases. Most of these are backend league admin interfaces, but I will also be getting to some more frontend interfaces as well, and likely more to follow in 1.56 - 1.58.

It's been awhile since I posted a news post so I wanted to keep people informed and that I'm still working and planning out new features. smile

I also have a pretty long list of smaller features that have been either requested or I thought of myself. Some of these will make it into 1.56 and others may be after 1.56. smile

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