Version: 1.56.40

Latest Additions V1.54.0

Service Update

Latest Additions V1.54.0

Added Team Speak Viewer Widget
Added Twin Ring Motegi Track (4 Configurations)
Added Cadillac CTS-VR Car
Added Facebook Widget (Requires Facebook fanpage entered on league extra modules)
Added Twitter Widget (Requires Twitter page entered on league extra modules)
Added Content Area Based Widgets
Added AddThis Widget
Added New Users Online Widget
Added Email Notify Option for Signups - Explained Below (two options)
Added New Completed Distance Bonus Points Option (New/Edit Seasons)
Updated User Profile Page League Display Option on User Profiles (Displays Specific League Statistics)
Updated User Profile iFrame
Updated teams/registered (added to Global Modules)
Updated Car Upload/Image System (Minor Adjustments)
Updated Donation Option to allow for custom donation amounts.
Updated Series Signup Page - Improved Performance
Updated Series Signup Iframe - Improved Performance
Updated Compose Email Screens (Can Change Email Subject Now)
Updated Main Social Media Icons
Updated Blog,Series,configuration and Sponsor (image error handling)
Updated New/Edit Seasons - New Bonus Distance Options
Depreicated Users Online (Moved to Widget)
Fixed Bug On Drivers Registered where a quote in a name caused a javascript error.
Fixed Schedule Graphics on full Page Width (Images were chopped)
Fixed Full Page Widget Size was 10 pixels too wide.
Fixed Edit Signup Page (Numbers In Use Link was incorrect)
Fixed Non Existing League Now displays 404 Error Correctly instead of a php error.
Fixed Empty League Standings and Signup Widget (Javascript Error)

Email On Series/Season Signup
This system will send an email to both the league administrator as well as the driver that signed up. The League Administrator will get an email letting them know that a driver has registered, and the driver will get an email giving them some basic information about the series they signed up for. These are 2 different options, both are set to off by default. The two options are available under the New/Edit Season screen. The two options are named "Signup Email Driver" and "Signup Email Admin"

Content Area Widgets
The new content area widgets allow you even more control over aspects of your league pages. Allowing you to place content above or below hardcoded displays with the new Content Top and Content Bottom widget group locations.

Series Signup Page
This Page was overhauled visually recently, but it was also one of the oldest coded pages. I've made signifigant page performance improvements to this page. This page had some stacking query issues which have been resolved with sub queries, and some optimization of a few of the queries that were being performed. Improving the loading time by roughly 0.1 seconds per season listed on this page, and saving around 4MB of memory. All the same data that was collected on this screen is still collected. The methods which I use now are much more effiecent in terms of memory as well as cpu processing, Most pages have been improved in this manner overtime. This was one of the few pages that really needed this update.

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