Version: 1.56.40

Latest Additions V1.52.0

Service Update

Latest Additions V1.52.0

Added Strict Numbers for Signups (New/Edit Season)
Added Facebook Option League Extra's
Added Widget System  - Explained Below
Added Global Module/Function System - Explained Below
Added Standings Widget
Added Quick Signup Widget
Updated User Profile Page - Revamped
Updated Schedule/Results Page - Revamped
Updated championship standings page
Updated championship standings iframe
Updated Ajax Driver info dialog
Updated Optimized Some Queries.
Updated Page System To Support Custom Widget Groups
Updated Blog/News Page
Updated Event Results Page
Updated League Admin Navigation
Continued Modular System Updates
Moved Event Calendar into Module
Moved Page System into Module
Moved Groups System into Module
Moved Teams System into Module
Moved Points System into Module
Moved iframe System into Module
Moved Contact System into Module
Fixed Bug with CPI values being incorrect
Fixed False/Positive Security Rule Error.
Fixed Driver Number Validation bug with new module structure.
Fixed 404 Error Page. (Should work correctly now in case of a 404 error)

Widget System
The widget system allows league admins to create custom content based widgets that can be grouped together and loaded in the side area of each league page. They're is also file based widgets which I have developed which you can use in your custom widget groups. I will be adding more widgets in the future as well. The File based widgets that I create will be global widgets available to any league within the ileaguerace system. Where your own custom content based widgets are only available to your league.

Global Module System
The Global Module System works in conjunction with the widget system above. It allows you to load widget groups in the side area. (Currently Side top and side bottom locations) In the next phase this will also include content area widget locations. You can also change the page template layout for each league page. The 2 choices are "With Side Widgets" and "Full Page Width" full page width template is like the championship standings page it has no side items at all.

Page System Updates
The page system was also updated to allow you to load widget groups on custom pages as well as change the template with either the "With Side Widgets" or "Full Page Width"

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