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You may have noticed new side widgets on the league pages. This system is still being added and developed. They're will be 2 new league admin interfaces that allow you control over this area of each page. The Widget System and the Global Module Function System. Basically these two systems are designed to work with each other. The Widget system wil have various pre-coded widgets that I develop. You will also be able to create your own content based widgets.

On top of that the Widget system allows you to create Widget Groups. These groups consist of various widgets that you include in the group. So you can customize which widgets you want in your own custom groups and the order they appear in on the league page you load them on. For now I have 1 global widget group which loads the small standings and quick signup for example.

This group cannot be edited as it's intended for everyone to use as is. So if you wanted for example to put a widget inbetween these two. You'd need to make a new widget group, and load the 2 widgets mentioned above and your own custom widget in that group.

This is where the Global Module/Function system comes into play. You'll be able to edit each page section and load you're custom Widget Group into currently 2 locations. Side Top and Side Bottom. They're is plans for 2 other locations with regards to the content area. So you will have to ability to control which widgets load on a page by page basis.

Changes to the page system will allow you to control which widget groups load on custom pages as well.

More pre-coded widgets will be created overtime and if anyone has idea's for widgets you can email me.

That's all for now.

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