Version: 1.56.40

Latest Additions V1.50.0

Service Update

Latest Additions V1.50.0

Added Kentucky Track / Logo Graphics
Added New Smyrna Logo Graphics
Added Oulton Park Track / Logo Graphics
Added JScrollPane
Added New Ajax method for Series Signup Page.
Added New Ajax method for View Points Page.
Added Option for non-points events. Explained Below.
Updated Various CSS Elements for improved look.
Updated Series Signup Page - Revamped
Updated Series Signup iFrame - Revamped
Updated Blog/News Page
Updated View Points iFrame
Updated Event Result Page
Updated Event Result iFrame
Updated New/Edit Event Page (Non Points Option)
Converting Systems to Modular
Moved Auth Login into Module
Moved User_Info System into Module
Moved Champ System into Module
Moved Blog System into Module
Moved Archives System into Module
Moved Dashboard System into Module
Moved Event System into Module
Moved Series System into Module
Moved Seasons System into Module
Moved Leagues System into Module
Moved Gallery System into Module
Moved Drivers System into Module
Fixed Google Chrome Sponsor List Bug
Fixed Blog Gallery Display Bug for larger height images.
Fixed Display Bug on Top Navigation for Sub-Menu Items.

Module Systems
The moving of systems into Modules is an ongoing changes to improve systems and they're capabilites in the ileague software. More systems will be moving over to this format, as well as improvements to functionality if various systems.

Improved Series Signup Page
The series signup page as been overhauled and re-written. I will be doing this to other pages/systems 1 by 1. This new interface cleans up that page quite a bit for leagues with many series. As well as with new ajax methods makes signup very straight forward.

Non Points Events
You can now make an event a non-points event. Meaning that event will not count for championship points. Simply choose the Non-Points Option on the New or Edit Event Screens within the league admin area.

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