Version: 1.56.40

Latest Additions V1.48.0

Service Update

Latest Additions V1.48.0

Added New Tracks
Added Decimal Place to Point Totals - Explained Below
Updated Edit Blog Post (Added option to change Date/Time)
Updated Edit Race Results Screen
Updated Re-Vamped Series Signup Page
Updated Series Signup Iframe - some conditional updates
Updated Some Team Based Queries
Updated CSV Import Proceedure
Updated CSS for IE9 CSS3 rules.
Updated Driver Signups Page.
Updated JQuery to 1.7.1
Updated JQuery UI to 1.8.16
Cleaned Up Many Files with depricated code.
Renamed Chevrolet Impala SS to Chevrolet Impala
Optimized Driver Signup Page with improved functionality using ajax requests.
Fixed Edit Signup Control Bar Bug
Fixed Permission Problem on Archive Season (For Grouped Users)
Fixed Permission Problem on Blog Edit/Delete (For Grouped users)
Fixed Internet Explorer Bug for Driver Signups Screen.
Tons of little tweaks over the last several months.

Decimal place was added to points total some time ago. This basically fixes possible conflicts when using a points multiplier where the database was not supporting the decimal place and rounding up. So now the system completely supports a single decimal place.

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