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Scheduled Maintenance November 3rd - COMPLETED


The website will be offline for up to a couple of hours. This maintenance may affect users globally for several days. We are moving this site to our other server. This means the old location may continue to load for several days for some users. However the database is currently run from a different server so this should not effect data change during this transition.

The reason for the move is we are re-organizing our structure of our servers, and plan additional resources to be allocated. Moving ileague to our newer server will give us more control over these allocations.

I have no specific time line for how long this maintenance will take as it is hard to say for transferring all the file data to the other server. This could take 2-3 hours by itself. I am however setting up every aspect of the configuration on the other end. So if everything goes according to plan it shouldn't be any longer than that. I am opening a window from 12am Midnight EST to 5am EST for this move.

Keep in mind this maintenance is at midnight the 14th. which may still be the 13th to some users.
Right now this maintenance is schedule to go through on October 14th. If this is delayed for any reason I will make a note on this post.

NOTE: This has been pushed back a few days to October 20th.
NOTE** I've pushed this back even more, as the new iRacing Season is just around the corner, so this maintenance will happen after the big new season wave.
NOTE*** maintenance should happen tonight which will be November 3rd at 10am EST, and may last several hours.

2011-10-11 23:07:26 - Posted By: Shawn Purdy - Comments (0)

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