Version: 1.56.40

Latest Update V0.7.6.7

Service Update

Latest Additions V0.7.6.7
- Began Development on Team System
- Added Endurance Style Points System - Uses a Multiplier value you can set on a per Season Basis - Normal,Medium and Long Events.
- Added View Points System to Series Page
- Added CPI Stat to Championship Standings Page
- Updated Series Page - Created Series Menu section, moved all buttons onto the menu.
- Updated User Profile Page - Will Display Stats, and last 10 races even if the user hasn't registered an account on
- Fixed Edit Sponsor Error
- Fixed Edit Points Redirect location
- Fixed Edit Background Image

Also Added Phillip Island and the V8 Supercar to the track and car options.

2010-04-19 04:56:52 - Posted By: Shawn Purdy - Comments (0)

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