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Hello All,

Currently I'm in the workshop working on what will be Version 2 of iLeagueRace. I have a lot planned in this version it will be by far the largest update since opening over a year ago. Right now I have no timeline for when this will be ready as there is a ton of stuff to do. Oringally when I wrote this software I started with Version 1 of my Content Managment Software which is now at Version 3, and although I have updated ileague to the point where it's got a lot of stuff that I did in that software there is a host of things I would like to do differently.

Since iLeague is really it's own system at this point it almost needs to be ported over piece by piece to my new version of my software. One of the things that has been a bit flakey for example is the login system at iLeagueRace. So moving over to the new login system I use on my newer versions should hopefully solve some of the problems this system has. I already began coding some systems on here however that will be apart of version 2. Some of which may be available before the launch of Version 2.

You can sort of see where I'm going a bit in terms of league features by looking at the development league. A lot of things will be re-structured not just the look, but how things work in the backend will be much more effiecent. This is all a big under taking with 10,000's of lines of code to siff through, but it's long overdue. So mostly you will see the build version change from this point forward. Depending on how things go maybe you'll see new versions before version 2, but thats hard to say right now.

I will however try to keep you all up to date on the progress on a fairly regular basis. smile

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