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The iLeagueRace beta starts now, any league created from now until April 10th 2010 will also get 3 months of free service. The beta will run for 2 months for free, so that will allow hopefully enough time to test the system. That means 5 months of free service as long as you create a league before April 10th 2010.  Otherwise the beta will end on May 30th 2010.

What I will be working on during the beta is a Team based championship system, along with controls to create and manage teams, this will be an optional setting for a series/season, as well as finishing up the data feed system, as well as finalizing the penalty points system, and drop race system. I have a few other features planned as well although I am not sure yet if they will be done before the beta is over, but I will be consistently updating the software with new features in the future.

Also if you have any suggestions for features you can contact us.

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