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I plan to start working on a team based chamionship option, along with the ability for users to create teams in a series/season that supports this feature. This is actually quite a large feature, and will have a lot of options available, more soon when development begins.

Also in the development plans is a mutli level points system designed for longer races, Will give league admins the ability to use a mutlipler on championshp points and set specfic events to Short/Medium and Long. With a different multiplier on Medium and Long. This will allow you to give out more points for a more demanding race distance, and will be the first installment in the process of allowing endurance type racing events, Which I am sure will be very popular in the future with iRacing.

That's all for now. smile

2010-03-12 12:00:47 - Posted By: Shawn Purdy - Comments (0)

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