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Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this moment to announce that PJ Losey has offered to help with development of iLeagueRace going forward. PJ has been involved in many different sim racing related websites over the years. iLeaguerace is a pretty complex piece of software so 2 heads are better than one. I personally look forward to what PJ can bring to the table to bring iLeagueRace forward.

I've tried to do this myself for a couple of years now putting 1000's of hours of my time and money into this project, so it is nice to have someone else on board to help.

In other news. I've tried my hardest to avoid adding a donate button to the main ileaguerace website. The intention of ileaguerace was never about money, just to control the quality of the leagues using the service. A good league requires putting a time investment in. League Admins determined enough to do so have kept ileaguerace going up to this point. We have almost 4000 registered racers on ileaguerace. So if you run in leagues that are run at ileaguerace, and would like to give back a little even a $1 donation is welcomed, but not required. I would like to also suggest if you do donate, to donate an equal amount to the league you race in. As they are the ones that make the league great and keeps you coming back. You can find the donation link in the top right of the main website. It is also typically where it is located on the specfic leagues within ileaguerace.

PJ and I hope to have more exciting news about ileaguerace moving forward.

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