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It has been quite sometime since I have made a news post on Be rest assured that I do intend on continuing to develop,improve and maintain the service. Currently I am spending time evaluating a new update to bring the league pages more upto date in terms of design standards, in terms of reponsive design. With the size of the system currenlty in place, every template file needs to be completely overhauled for this to happen. I also intend on improving some area's and systems along the way as well. A lot of focus has gone into providing features for leagues, but I would like to move forward with visual updates first, as the league pages are starting to look dated.

I am glad to say since posting the 2000 member notice back in July of 2012. ileaguerace has almost doubled it's member base as we close in on almost 4000 register league racers!

I hope to have more information on upcoming features and improvements soon.

2013-11-20 00:06:30 - Posted By: Super Admin - Comments (0)

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