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If you been poking around you may have noticed the all new ileaguerace forums. These new forums are meant to be a hub for leagues in the service. So if you run a league here at ileaguerace and would like to have your own forum sections. Just send me a PM on the forums. Or email me, and I'll set them up for you. This is completely free and is considered part of our services. It will give you and your league members a central login to ileaguerace where you're league is, and your community.

You can check out the new forums by going to the forums link on the main menu. Basically we want to help grow the social side of league racing and there is no better way to do that than have a centralized forum system that leauges can co-exist in, and of course since your main login here at ileaguerace is connected to the forum system everything is really simple. So all your information will be auomatically created on your first visit to the new forum system, and you'll be automatically logged in when you login here at

I hope to continue providing more features and options to leagues that will help them grow and be more successful!

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