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ETV-Live Get your league races broadcasted!

We'd love to give a shout out to the guys at ETV-Live. They've been around for some time providing great high quality live broadcast solutions for big events or leagues. This is a great way to get extra exposure for your league and create some buzz around it, they also have seasoned commentary as they call the race like the Pro's do. If your interested in giving your league that little push it needs to get rolling. There is no better way than to run a broadcasted event. Show the community what your league is all about.

Many successful leagues use ETV. it's they're secret sauce to success. A broadcast can make every event special, it brings the nerves out on the grid at the start of the event. You feel that pressure that "live" feeling. It makes you feel like your a part of something, and immerses you in the competition that is sim-racing.

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