Version: 1.56.40

Latest Additions V1.56.0

Service Update

Latest Additions V1.56.0

DN - Added Langley Speedway
DN - Added Zolder
DN - Added Spa - Enduroance Pits
DN - Added Motegi Track Graphics
DN - Added Rockingham Speedway
DN - Added Oran Park Raceway
DN - Added Event Provisonals (Allows adding of provisonal drivers to an event result)
DN - Added Chase Format Option (yes or No) -SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added 1st Place Points Option for Chase System - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Points Gap Per Position for Chase System - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Number of Chase Drivers for Chase System - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Win Bonus for Chase System - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Start Chase After X Amount of Races - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Chase wildcard Slots - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Added Chase Wildcard Limit - SINGLE CLASS ONLY
DN - Updated Edit Results Screen (Added Bonus Points)
DN - Updated Pagination Class
DN - Updated League Extra's to include TeamSpeak Viewer Display.
DN - Updated Blog Add Image function.
DN - Updated Various Interfaces with Twitter Bootstrap.
DN - Updated Gallery Display with better looking layout.
DN - Updated Driver Signup Page Profile Popup
DN - Updated Framework
DN - Updated Many Queries for updated framework
DN - Updated Available Drivers Screen to not show team option if teams are disabled
DN - Updated CSV Import to include support for iRacing League CSV File. (Does not include points columns)
DN - Updated Lytebox
DN - Updated Blog Gallery Display
DN - Updated Various Track Graphics
DN - Updated Show Results and Show Championship - Removed some Redudant Queries
DN - Fixed Gallery Page Display
DN - Fixed Championship 2 Column Display Error.
DN - Fixed A Bug with no points display if a team championship is started after existing results.
DN - Fixed A Bug with car number check on edit signup page which allowed duplicate numbers for a season.
DN - Fixed A Bug With ReCaptcha Not displaying Correctly in Internet Explorer.
DN - Re-Vamped Past Seasons Page

Chase System
The new chase system as been out for awhile and seems to be functioning well. It is stil only designed to work on Single Class Championships, and without Teams. In it's next phase it will include at least multi class support as well. I will make this known when this is ready.

Event Provisionals
It's common league admins like to give provsional points to drivers that cannot make an event for various personnel reasons. This new feature will allow you to do this easier than currently possible. Before you had to manually edit the CSV File to add these drivers which can be very time consuming at times. On the Upload Event Results Screen you will see a list of drivers that have signed up to race in your championship as well as drivers that have complete a race at some point. You can just select the driver you like to give a provisional too, The system automatically figures out what the next position should be. But you also have the option to give that driver a specfic position if you need too. The third drop down is the car class if your running a championship with multiple cars.

General Notes
It's been quite awhile since I posted information on updates. I wanted to get more into this 1.56 update but being as it's been so long I decided to call it as is, and will continue development into version 1.58. I'm also working on a new more modern design for the league pages that will take advantage of responsive CSS design. This will allow the league sites to auto size themselves to any computer device including mobile and tablets. You can check out the Development League for an idea on where this is going. What will come with this change however is more than just a new design and modern compatability.

I will also be phasing out the color editor in favor of a new set of designs. Which will likely be called presets. This will also be a simple switch from one preset to another which will have various color options built into the preset. You'll still be able to customize the template with your own graphics like before. Hopefully I'll have more to talk about, about this in the near future. smile

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