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Race 6 - Apr 19: Daytona Road Night – 45 minute event

2018-04-15 19:28:13 - Posted By: Les Turner

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2018 Red Sox Racing Spring Series

Series B – Ferrari GTE - 30 minute timed races - baseline setup*** starting fuel 7.1 gallons
- 19.5 psi tires
- 2 wing vs 3 wing
- 1217 6th gear vs 1273 gear

Race 6 - Apr 19: Daytona Road Night – 45 minute event

- Hosted server practice 7:45 pm est, 10 minute open qualify 8:45 pm, race at 8:55 pm
- 30 min timed races, *except as noted* rolling starts, must return to pit road unassisted after checkers
- Baseline setup with 7.1 gals to force a pit stop for fuel
- Bonus and penalty points remain the same as previous seasons (except incident free is now 2 point bonus)
- Default weather, afternoon skybox (or night), 50% session starting track state

*** Track specific Rules for Daytona Road Course ***

All practice, qualifying and racing will be above the yellow lines out on the oval portion of the track. Any use of the apron to pass or gain an advantage is not permitted. The only exception will be for accident avoidance subject to post race review. Advancing your position below the yellow lines will result in a post-race penalty.

Daytona Pitting: You may not pit on a lap where you miss and blow through the bus stop, doing so will result in a post-race penalty.

amended slow down penalty black flag rule 6/13/2013
You may not pit in at any track while you have a Black Flag displayed for a “course cutting” penalty, (slow down), in an attempt to clear the Black Flag. Any track position gained by cutting the course, will be communicated quickly and the positions gained given back on the track as soon as it is safely possible to do so. Any attempt to clear a Black Flag by entering the pit access road, will result in an automatic 4 point deduction from the drivers results and standings. This will also be subject to further race review for gained time. Repeat infractions may receive additional post race sanctions. Do not attempt to clear a Course Cutting Black Flag by pitting; you must serve the penalty on the race track. (Amended pitting rule 11/14/13)

Tuesday Night Practice Server (7:00 to 9:00 pm est)

Thursday Night Race Server (Server up at 7:45, Qual at 8:45, Race at 8:55 pm est)

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