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Race 5 - Apr 12: Watkins Glen Cup

2018-04-08 15:05:45 - Posted By: Les Turner

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2018 Red Sox Racing Spring Series

Series B – Ferrari GTE - 30 minute timed races - baseline setup starting fuel 7.1 gallons

Race 5 - Apr 12: Watkins Glen Cup

- Hosted server practice 7:45 pm est, 10 minute open qualify 8:45 pm, race at 8:55 pm
- 30 min timed races, *except as noted* rolling starts, must return to pit road after checkers 
- Baseline setup with 7.1 gals to force a pit stop for fuel
- Bonus and penalty points remain the same as previous seasons (except incident free is now 2 point bonus)
- Default weather, afternoon skybox (or night), 50% session starting track state

NOTE: We have made a tire pressure adjustment to bring them to the recommended pressures.This slightly improves the tire lockups, and keeps the hot pressures from going over 23 psi. This does not make much difference in the feel of the car, and helps with the braking and overheating problem. Tuesday practice session will have the 19.5/19.5 psi tires.

Tuesday Night Practice Server (7:00 to 9:00 pm est)

Thursday Night Race Server (Server up at 7:45, Qual at 8:45, Race at 8:55 pm est)

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