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Race 1 - Jan 18 - Summit Point Raceway

2018-01-14 16:31:40 - Posted By: Les Turner

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2018 Red Sox Racing Winter Series

Series A – Skip Barber Formula 2000 - 35 minute timed races - baseline setup starting fuel 2.1 gallons

Race 1 - Jan 18 - Summit Point Raceway

- Hosted server practice 7:45 pm est, 10 minute open qualify 8:45 pm, race at 8:55 pm
- 35 min timed races, rolling starts, must return to pit road after checkers
- Baseline setup with 2.1 gals to force a pit stop for fuel
- Bonus and penalty points remain the same as previous seasons (except incident free is now 2 point bonus)
- Default weather, afternoon skybox, 50% session starting track state

Tuesday Night Practice Server (7:00 to 9:00 pm est)

Thursday Night Race Server (Server up at 7:45, Qual at 8:45, Race at 8:55 pm est)

Hosted Server - Red Sox Racing
Password is - fenway

iRacing Leagues Page (raceday info is sent from here)

Series Signup Page is here...


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Hope to see you all there for this short 6 week Skippy series. We have had some great racing in this car over the years. Following this series we will have 2 back to back championships in the Ferarri GTE to round out the spring schedule.

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